Wednesday, 29 August 2012

All Snuggled Up

Well the weather this month has been so strange! Its now tipping it down and so so very dull, but after a day of relatives i welcome my baggy joggers and NY jumper, cup of tea and hot water AUGUST!

"Peace is respect for others being different" 

I have been drinking this glorious tea for over a month now oblivious to these little "words of wisdom" on tag on the tea bag! I have been obsessed with Chai Tea for ages then realised the black tea would involve caffeine so found this "Yogi Classic" tea and it is basically Chai tea without the black tea and it is.......well words cannot describe. unfortunately there is only 15 bags per pack so i do find myself repurchasing this beaut a hell of a lot! All the ingredients are so soothing and the smell is great too! 

Monday, 27 August 2012


                                            interiors board

Where i place all inspiration i hope to apply to a place of my own some day.
Met up with a friend in Tenterden (looks like "country living" sneezed) each little shop was precious and full of inspiration!