Sunday, 20 May 2012

coloured thread squares

Here are more of my screen prints using my thread squares that i directly exposed onto my screen (A1).
The screen was an experiment, i wasn't too sure how it would turn out due to it not being an image but being the direct object. Separating the colours out was a very lengthly process, and was more susceptible to mistakes.

i screen printed onto weak/transparent papers to emphasise the fragility and delicate nature of thread. In comparison to the strict nature of the square and the harsh nature of screen printing. My hope was to create folds or creases under the pressure of the screen printing yet the material was strong enough to withstand this pressure. Similar to inner strength and will power seeing you through difficult times. 

Thread Squares

Thread Squares- exposed onto a screen and printed on to tracing paper.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

film photographs of installation

This work explores space, time, colour and geometry. The projection concentrates on a 20x20cm "thread square" photographed from a previous installation with a light from an OHP highlighting the square but also adding more geometry to the piece. The power of colour is almost too powerful to combine with the ideas surrounding the use of thread, light and time.